Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Souper" Saturday 2012

 Longwood Ward "Souper" Saturday! 
Saturday, October 13th, from 10 am to 2 pm

Here are the crafts for this year. Be sure to pay via my paypal button (at the bottom of the page) or give cash/checks and an order form to Jenny Parker or Melinda Huyck (me) by Sept. 30th, 2012.
Note: My paypal account only keeps track of the money. It doesn't know what you ordered so please fill out an order form so we can make sure you get your craft.

Reversible Holiday Blocks $15.50

Personalized Name Board $10

You are my sunshine $12

5-7 All Occasion Cards $7

Halloween Countdown $7.50

Christmas Countdown (Double Sided) $9

Olive Oil Jar $3 Dish Soap Jar $3

Paper Strips Tree $6.50

Glass Snowman Votive $4

Article of Faith Cards $5.50

Decorate Your Own Coasters $4

Candlestick Blocks Only 1-$12 All 3-$36 

Extra Letters-$4.50

JOY Wall Hanging $7

Christmas Jars Only 1-$15 All 3-$45




  1. Wahoo! It looks great Melinda, thank you!

  2. There are so many cute ideas I like. I'm defenitely signing up on Sunday. Thanks to you, Jeanie and anyone else working on this. Looks like lots of fun!